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Affiliate marketing involves few risks and holds great chances of success. It is an important and effective component in the digital mix of measures. Affiliate partners are remunerated on a commission basis according to returns or cancellations, controlled on the basis of your desired cost-turnover ratio or a CPO. Sounds exciting? Our affiliate experts will be happy to advise you. We have many years of experience in affiliate marketing as well as close contacts with the most important networks and partners and publishers.
This is how we lead your affiliate marketing to success together.

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Why AnalyticaA

Whether public networks, private networks, or a combination of both: Together with you, we will find the best program setup for your requirements. Equipped with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, we will develop the optimum solution to achieve your goals by working internationally with all public affiliate networks. We are also maintaining close contact with all relevant private partnership programs and will gladly handle the entire process for you if you wish.



  • Operator of the largest private Fashion & Lifestyle network (PrimeFashionAds)
  • Awin Certified Agency
  • Our Managing Director is among the Top 150 Affiliate Marketing Influencers
  • Multi-certified affiliate agency
  • Experienced employees with continuous further training
  • Well over 50 supervised schemes
  • Flexible offers for diverse budgets



We have worked with AnalyticaA on our two brands CARL GROSS and CG – CLUB of GENTS in seven countries for many years. We benefit from their holistic optimization approach and are continuously supported by their up-to-date expertise. AnalyticaA won me over with its customer-guided thinking and by handling flexibly and pragmatically. I also appreciate the pleasant and reliable contact persons.

Katharina Reitmaier – Head of E-Commerce & Business Development, Création Gross GmbH & Co. KG

The collaboration with AnalyticaA’s performance team continues to yield significant increases in our performance marketing KPIs. The agency enables us to accelerate our growth in joint projects with global players in digital marketing. AnalyticaA also provides us with ongoing advice on complex issues, always on a high technical level. The co-operation was structured from the beginning, personally very pleasant and always characterized by mutual trust.

Ledvance | AnalyticaA

Altagracia de Guia-Landenberger – Head of Digital Marketing, LEDVANCE GmbH

We have worked with AnalyticaA successfully in affiliate marketing for many years now. Thanks to the structured and analytical approach and the team’s profound industry expertise, we have been able to bring sales to the next successful level, especially for many fashion clients. What I particularly appreciate about the co-operation is the expertise in affiliate marketing, the swift decision-making processes, the constant willingness to innovate, and the friendly, personal contact.

Bernd Aippersbach – Geschäftsführer, lead alliance GmbH

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online sales solution that enables you to acquire many new sales partners in a short time. As an advertiser (merchant), you give your sales partners (affiliates or publishers) a share of the sales generated via your partners’ websites. As an affiliate marketing agency, we gladly support you with setting up a successful partner scheme.

Acquiring new customers and increasing sales are probably the supreme disciplines in marketing. Affiliate marketing uses co-operation, the very secret to the success of all human activity, to reach these goals. An organized e-commerce community is created through targeted networking among providers of high-quality content (publishers) and advertisers (merchants) that ensures a win-win situation.

Every time a prospective customer clicks on an advertisement on a partner website and makes a purchase, the merchant’s cash register rings and the operator of the customer referral site receives a commission.

Depending on the target, remuneration models other than pay per sale are also possible in affiliate marketing: for instance, your sales partner receives a commission when a customer that he/she referred visits their site (pay per click) or registers on your site (pay per lead).

Despite all the varying remuneration models, there is one important difference to classic forms of advertising: Affiliate marketing is exclusively success-based. Payment is only due when measurable successes occur. As an experienced affiliate marketing agency with very good contacts to all the important networks, we examine the different remuneration models carefully to achieve the best possible cost-benefit ratio for you.

Most website operators usually have a topic-specific customer base. This is where affiliate marketing gives you a cutting edge and enables you to address your target group directly and increase your advertising impact. Your reach soars swiftly, cost- effectiveness and full cost control are guaranteed.