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The popularity of mobile apps is constantly rising. 90% of companies claim to have been successful and profitable with their applications. Notwithstanding, countless new apps arrive on the market – Apple Store alone gets 1.000 new apps submitted every day. Strategic app marketing will ensure that your company and solution will stand out. As a specialized agency, we offer holistic support towards marketing your mobile app. This includes developing an individual app marketing strategy with you and furthermore generating both, qualified users and in-app actions continuously, with our target group-specific campaigns. You can learn more about our services here.

Why AnalyticaA

As an app marketing agency, we offer targeted campaigns across all channels. We have vast experience in all areas, such as optimization for Google Play/Apple Store, paid searches, social media, websites, and can support you holistically. AnalyticaA is distinguished by creativity paired with an analytical approach, and the use of cutting-edge tools. That makes us what we are: Namely one of the leading agencies in multiple online marketing sectors.

App Marketing


  • Holistic support across all channels
  • Vast experience and passion for apps
  • Experienced employees with continuous further training
  • Satisfied customers and demonstrable success
  • Flexible offers for diverse budgets


Signatur Sebastian Schuch

We sought a strategy & performance agency with technological expertise for our B2B SaaS app with 20 million downloads. The goal is to position ourselves internationally, especially on the U.S. market, with profitable target groups and to increase our paid subscriptions. We are pleased to have found this agency as a sparring partner. In particular, we would like to emphasize the very positive, proactive, analytical, and strategic approach. Thanks to AnalyticaA as a partner, we achieved 100 % new subscriber growth year on year and made the performance management of the channels (PPC, SEO, Social, Apple Ads …) in particular more scalable.

Bernd Wolfram – Head of Marketing, Magicplan

We have a strong partner in AnalyticaA who has supported us with vast expertise in the strategic expansion and management of social media and Amazon PPC campaigns since the market launch of our Ferti-Lily product. Since the co-operation began, we have grown sales and turnover incrementally at our most important POS based on a holistic, full-funnel approach, while constantly improving efficiency. The professional co-operation and exchange have helped us achieve and further expand our targeted performance goals in the long term.

Bea Sievers - Head of Marketing, Ferti-Lily, part of Ardo medical