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Marketplaces account for at least 50% of e-commerce and distinguish themselves for above-average growth rates. They invest plenty in brand presence/experience with the declared goal of pooling as many brands as possible on their platform. That makes for a channel with potential: Marketplace marketing is gaining increasing importance, enabling you to stand out from the competition and address the “relevant group” of potential buyers. The platforms are expanding their offers rapidly concerning marketing so that it is no longer sufficient simply to list your products. Our expertise and detailed knowledge of the market will put you ahead and give you a clear competitive advantage!

Marktplatzierung | AnalyticaA
Marktplatzierung | AnalyticaA

Why AnalyticaA

Marketplace marketing has grown rapidly in recent years and will gain enormous importance in the future. Every week, the marketplaces come up with new placement opportunities, and thus a possible potential for your products. We are in constant contact with all relevant stakeholders and can usually test these innovations immediately.

Contact us and let us help you choose the right tool for elevating the position of your business!



  • We serve customers on over 20 marketplaces through close co-operation with Gute Marken Online GmbH. 
  • We know all the placement options and can offer you exciting packages
  • Sales Partner360 program: direct Amazon contact person
  • Organic & Paid measures in portfolio
  • Well over 50 campaigns managed
  • Flexible offers for diverse budgets


We have a strong partner in AnalyticaA who has supported us with vast expertise in the strategic expansion and management of social media and Amazon PPC campaigns since the market launch of our Ferti-Lily product. Since the co-operation began, we have grown sales and turnover incrementally at our most important POS based on a holistic, full-funnel approach while constantly improving efficiency. The professional cooperation and exchange have helped us achieve and further expand our targeted performance goals in the long term.

Verena Hampel - Head of Marketing, FERTI⋅LILY, part of Ardo medical