Custom Versions of ChatGPT are here! We help you create, implement, and market your GPTs effectively

GPTs are the latest innovation from OpenAI – the creators of ChatGPT. GPTs have the potential to turn into the next AI ‘App Boom’ because they allow every company and expert to build their own personalized chatbots in a short amount of time – without requiring any programming knowledge.

The possibilities of GPTs are vast, as a customizable AI tool for product, sales, marketing, or HR, as a way to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, or as an interactive knowledge center. In the future, you and your employees will be able to quickly and easily train custom-tailored ChatGPTs that are based on your data and specialized knowledge – with a focus on data protection and security.

But what should you pay attention to when creating your GPT? How can GPTs be marketed effectively on and next to OpenAI’s upcoming marketplace? As a marketing and advertising agency with practical experience in artificial intelligence, we gladly assist you with training, implementing and marketing your GPTs. Because while there is  justified hype about the opportunities of GPTs, there are also many challenges.

A selection of our own GPTs (Requirements to use GPTs: ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Enterprise):

Black Friday Copywriting Pro – Transforms your text with a converting Black Friday twist.

ImaginePRO – Turns simple text input into detailed prompts for amazing Midjourney images.

Jolly Christmas Wordsmith – A festive assistant infusing your text with Christmas joy.

Why Choose AnalyticaA? 

With innovative technologies like GPTs, you need an innovative partner. We are AnalyticaA – Anything but Ordinary – and our approach is analytical, personal, and practical.

As a digital marketing agency, our focus is on your target audience – because new technologies like personalized ChatGPTs make a real difference when they are aligned with their practical use case.

We deploy AI tools in a meaningful and practical manner – without losing focus of the human customer.

With our many years of experience in app and marketplace marketing as well as with our AI Marketing Mix 3.0 in SEO, SEA, Social Media, Affiliate, or Digital Analytics, we support you with GPT marketing measures and GPT Store Optimization (GSO).

GPTs Marketing and GSO: Practical Consulting by AnalyticaA 


  • Individual Support: Tailored AI advice by experienced experts.
  • Practical Recommendations: Turning AI complexity into clear, actionable steps.
  • Successful Growth: Using GPTs to accelerate growth through suitable marketing channels.
  • B2C & B2B Expertise: Extensive experience in different industries and markets.
  • Continuous Education: Keeping our experts up-to-date with the latest AI technology and methods for optimal results.
  • Flexible Offers: Solutions for different budgets without compromising quality.


Signatur Sebastian Schuch

The collaboration with AnalyticaA’s performance team continues to yield significant increases in our performance marketing KPIs. The agency enables us to accelerate our growth in joint projects with global players in digital marketing. AnalyticaA also provides us with ongoing advice on complex issues and always on a high technical level. The cooperation was structured from the beginning, personally very pleasant and always characterized by mutual trust.

Ledvance | AnalyticaA

Altagracia de Guia-Landenberger – Head of Digital Marketing, LEDVANCE GmbH

We sought a strategy & performance agency with technological expertise for our B2B SaaS app with 20 million downloads. The goal is to position ourselves internationally, especially on the U.S. market, with profitable target groups and to increase our paid subscriptions. We are pleased to have found this agency as a sparring partner. In particular, we would like to emphasize the very positive, proactive, analytical, and strategic approach. Thanks to AnalyticaA as a partner, we achieved 100 % new subscriber growth year-on-year and made the performance management of the channels (PPC, SEO, Social, Apple Ads …) in particular more scalable.

Bernd Wolfram – Head of Marketing, magicplan