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To be prepared for the future, you must act instead of reacting. Internationalization of your eCommerce business can help to ensure your company’s success in the long term. In cooperation with Google, AnalyticaA offers individual and high-performance online marketing solutions that make it much easier for companies to open up new markets.

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What we

We offer holistic cross-border marketing solutions individually adapted to your offer and company. As one of only four “international Google Growth” partner agencies, we have exclusive access to contacts, insights, tools, know-how from Google. International online marketing needs to be well thought through and always keep an eye on both the “big picture” and the specific characteristics of the individual markets. We have diverse experience in online marketing and will help you find the right international partners. Together we will then develop a suitable strategy to make your internationalization a complete success.

How we support you

We develop an internationalization strategy for your products or services. In the first step, we analyze the existing data and determine the opportunities and risks of internationalizing your e-commerce. On this basis, we create a scalable project architecture, which is continuously analyzed and improved. We also support you in managing international cooperation partners. We help you acquire new customers and develop the right communication strategy consistent with your corporate identity, taking into account regional and local differences.

What we implement

Based on the jointly developed strategy, we implement local campaigns across all online marketing channels. Our approach is fundamentally cross-channel and addresses potential customers precisely in their customer journey. International social media and content marketing are just as much part of our holistic approach as technical SEO and performance-controlled search engine marketing. As an “international Google Growth” partner agency, we can access Google’s resources and know-how.

Our approach to internationalization projects

Our services

  • Identification of local competition

  • Assessment of opportunities and risks

  • Implementation of learning loops and procedural flows

  • Acquisition of local partners

  • Development of an international online sales strategy

  • Choice of suitable target countries

  • Development and optimization of the logistical and technical infrastructure

  • Consideration and use of cultural differences

  • Usability testing of country-specific websites

  • Coverage of the international customer journey

What are the reasons for internationalization?

Companies are interested in foreign markets for various reasons. One of these is that there are hardly any growth opportunities in the home market when it is largely saturated and the competition is very high. It is clearly evident that the trend is moving towards internationalization in the fast-growing area of e-commerce. According to forecasts, by 2021 already 20% of eCommerce will be cross-border. Internationalization can offer companies great advantages but presents at the same time new challenges for them. Not only do language and culture differ from country to country, but there are also other significant differences to the home market in relation to the legal system, consumer income, and infrastructure. As a specialist in online marketing, AnalyticaA is your experienced and competent partner for the international expansion of your online trade. We have already accompanied many companies in their eCommerce internationalization and offer individual solutions and a tailor-made strategy for the globalization of your digital marketing.

Success factors in international eCommerce

International online marketing activities usually require substantially more know-how, manpower, and skills than activities on the domestic market.Not only the language barrier may offer an obstacle, the infrastructure, legal situation, and disposable income also differ significantly in other countries. It is also necessary to identify and use cultural differences. Medium-sized companies in particular often find it difficult to master these challenges, partly because they lack the right staff.

AnalyticaA has already supported various companies and will assist you with expertise and experience to the international success of your own company.As a rule, the best basis for high-performance international online marketing measures is the development of a cross-channel and cross-country campaign strategy. AnalyticaA, therefore, offers unified well-thought-out cross-channel marketing services for foreign markets. These enable our customers to receive optimal support and consistently market their products across all channels.



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International online marketing: the most important channels

International PPC

PPC (Search Engine Advertising) is an effective tool for addressing your target group worldwide. It is not sufficient to be familiar with the current Google guidelines and have the required language skills to place ads successfully. It is also necessary to be well informed about the target market and its specific features.
International campaigns should also be analyzed and optimized on an ongoing basis. AnalyticaA uses intelligent technologies for analysis and tracking, and customers are regularly informed about the current status of their campaigns via transparent reporting. As one of only four “international Google Growth” partner agencies worldwide, AnalyticaA has direct contacts at Google and can draw on exclusive marketing insights and know-how.

International SEO

With international SEO, one can find you in the organic hits of search engines in other countries. However, to be successful in international SEO, several challenges need to be overcome.
A question that we often hear is which domain strategy is advisable. In principle, one can distinguish between country-specific top-level domains (, subdomains (, and directories (my-company. com/en). Since each of these solutions has its specific advantages and disadvantages, the right one for your company has to be selected on a case-by-case basis.
One other SEO challenge is the correct use of hreflang tag attributes. These allow search engines to offer the proper page in the correct language and region. It is said that these attributes inherit some trust, authority, and link power to the target page, qualities which can significantly improve its indexing and ranking.
Creating content in a foreign language, both for websites and marketing, can also be challenging for many companies. We can support you in this regard. AnalyticaA has well-founded know-how and many years of experience in optimizing international search engine results and can provide you with advice and assistance on all questions and topics that arise during internationalization.

International Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an indispensable part of communication and marketing. AnalyticaA’s holistic approach, therefore, includes marketing services for social media. Social networks offer many opportunities to promote a company and its products internationally and generate reactions from customers. To run an internationally successful social media marketing campaign, you need to find a. o. the right tonality by addressing the intended target audience. This can only be achieved if a native speaker implements it. Another advantage of having local employees is that they can provide important insider information allowing you to tailor the measures even better to the respective country and its people. AnalyticaA evaluates the preferred channels of your target group and designs the optimal social media strategy for your company by drawing on a network of international partners.